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The 'Asociación Vía Crucis Viviente de Balmaseda', successor of the old brotherhood of Vera Cruz, selects the performers, directs rehearsals and performances, and maintains the stages and costumes. The association works in collaboration with the Town Hall, other sponsors and organisations such as the Kolitza Choir, Music Band, Civil Protection and the DYA.

The Balmasedan Easter is stronger than ever and continues to be the distinguishing feature of the town.

Archive of history and characters

The Balmaseda's Interpretation of the Living Passion archive is dedicated to its characters and history. The first section contains information on the main characters of the procession e.g. the Jesuses, Mary Magdalene, Apostles, Roman Centurions, The Priests of Sanhedrin, and many more.

The second part (see the tab called 'History') details important information about the history of the Way of the Cross and how it has developed.

In 1974 the 'Asociación Via Crucis Viviente de Balmaseda' was created to organise and preserve this tradition.

This is an open document under constant revision by the Association. We believe that everyone should have access to it. If you would like to contribute to it in any way, please get in touch.

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Digitalisation of old photos

With the aim of recovering, registering and preserving photographs as memory of the 'Vía Crucis Viviente de la Villa de Balmaseda', we have started the 'Registro Histórico Fotográfico del Via Crucis Viviente de Balmaseda' campaign. The Association's collection of photographs is very wide, but there are many albums that have not yet been digitalised – largely those from the early processions. We would like to try to recover any images lost along the way.

Above all, the main objective of the project is to widen the archive. We would like to make an appeal to the people of Balmaseda to help us by bringing in any graphic document of the representation to be registered. We are therefore setting up a scanner in the Interpretation Centre so that anyone who wants to can get their photographs scanned and immediately returned. Alternatively, you can email us at info@viacrucisbalmaseda.com, or through our social media (Facebook and Twitter).

Together we will leave a testament (in images) of the importance of Balmaseda's interpretation of the Living Passion.

Sign up for a part in the procession

There are lists of the parts for anyone who would like to sign up for a character in future processions. We remind you that signing up for a specific character does not automatically give you the right to represent them.

There is an application form that once filled out can be handed in to Asociación Vía Crucis Viviente, apartado de correos nº 32, Balmaseda or sent by email.

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